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Wide vlotage input:6.5V-27V
PWM frequency range: 0-10KHZ
Working temperature : -25 ° To 80 °
Installation hole diameter: 3mm
Product size: 55 * 55 * 16mm (length and width).
- Signal optocoupler isolation input,With isolation and undervoltage protection and suit for EMC specifications for electromagnetic compatibility
- It is electrostatic discharge circuit and stable and reliable, industrial grade.
- Dual motor interface, each rated output current 7A, peak current 50A, the motor interface must not short-circuit, the proposed series 10A fuse.
- Enable signal terminal (ENA) input PWM adjustable speed,  PWM minimum pulse width 10us.
- Control signal voltage 3-6.5V, respectively, is the enable signal and the positive inversion control signal.
1. It should be paid to prevent short circuit on the back of the circuit, you can add insulation pad or copper column to raise the circuit board.
2. Power supply must not be connected to or over 27V, otherwise it may burn out the module, it is recommended that the power input in series 15A fuse.
Package Included:
1 x Dual DC Motor Drive Module

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