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Material: plastic, metal
Suitable for electric furnace, water heater, lamps, small motor, electric iron. etc
Input Voltage: 220V
Maximum Power: 2000W
Adjustable Voltage: 90-220V AC
Size: 5.3 x 4.7 x 2.8 cm
Life span and easy installation
Chip is 25A. If you use this for voltage adjustment, 1000W, under 5A is nice. If you use this for electrical machine, under 3A is nice.

How to use:

Connect this device with lamp or home appliance in a series connection, that is, Using the module's two wires connected to lamp or home appliances' disconnect FireWire or zero line. You can play a brightness adjustment, speed, pressure, temperature control effect, very convenient to use.

Package included:

50 x Voltage regulator

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