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Machifit external dual-axis HS LGD6-500L roller linear guide with LGB6-60L 4UU, LGB6-100L 4UU slide block fit for CNC machine.


Material: Aluminum alloy + chrome plated shaft
Linear Type: Dual-axis linear guide
Sliding track: Linear guide rail
#1: LGB6-60L 4UU
#2: LGB6-100L 4UU
#3: LGD6-500L

(only 1pc)
Used for: Machining center, grinding machinery, heavy machinery etc.


(1) Aluminum alloy material, the surface by anodic treatment, the axis with chrome, corrosion resistant.
(2) The positioning precision is high. 
(3) Heavy load, low noise, low friction, high speed, high accuracy, slide smooth.
(4) High speed movement and greatly reduced the power needed for driving.
(5) Can also withstand the load from up and down or other directions.
(6) Easily assembling and replacement.
(7) The lubrication simple structure.
(8) Low cost.
(9) Widely used in automation equipment, transportation system, automatic door rail, welding equipment, cutting equipment, painting equipment, etc.
(10) Using rolling elements, such as balls or rollers between the rail and block, the linear guide can achieve high precision linear motion.

Package Included: (only 1pc, please choose the one you want)
#1 1 X LGB6-60L4UU Square type Roller Bearing Block  or
#2 1 X LGB6-100L 4UU Square type Roller Bearing Block  or
#3 1 X LGD6-500L dual-shaft linear rail guide

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