100pcs KY-008 Laser Transmitter Module For Arduino AVR PIC
Product DescriptionFeatures:Operating voltage: 5VWavelength:650 nmPCB size :15 x 24 mmDepth: 8 ..
100pcs KY-022 Infrared IR Sensor Receiver Module For Arduino
Product DescriptionDescription:Infrared receiving module adopts 1838 infrared receiving headLig..
10Pcs 5V Infrared  Track Tracking Tracker Sensor Module For Arduino
Product DescriptionFeature:Quantity: 1pcSize: 3.5 x 1cmPower supply: 5V DCDetector distance: 10..
10pcs 5V/3.3V 3 Pin Photosensitive Sensor Module Light Sensing Resistor Module
Product DescriptionFeatures:  1. Adopt sensitive photosensitive resistance sensor2. C..
10pcs 5V/3.3V Speed Measurement Hall Sensor Module Hall Switch Motor Tachometer Module For DIY
Product DescriptionFeatures: - support 5 V / 3.3 V voltage input- on-board signal output, ..
10pcs 6mA 3-100CM Adjustable Infrared Digital Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module
Product DescriptionSpecifications: Working voltage: DC 3.8V-5.5VWorking current (5V): typi..
10pcs CJMCU-0401 4-bit Button Capacitive Touch Proximity Sensor Module With Self-locking Function
Product DescriptionDescription:CJMCU-0401 is a touch IC designed with capacitive sensing princi..
10pcs DC 3.3V To 20V 5.8GHz Microwave Radar Sensor Intelligent Trigger Sensor Switch Module
Product DescriptionDescription: It uses Doppler radar technology, with auto-sensing capabi..
10pcs LED Dimmer Switch Module Capacitive Touch Dimmer Constant Pressure Stepless Dimming PWM
Product DescriptionFeatures: - Single touch,using the principle of capacitance touch .The ..
10pcs LM393 Mini Tilt Angle Sensor Control Module Tilt Sensing Probe For Arduino Intelligent
Product DescriptionFeatures: - On-board LM393 voltage comparator chip and tilt sensor prob..
10pcs MQ-135 Ammonia Sulfide Benzene Vapor Gas Sensor Module Shield Liquefied Electronic Detector
Product DescriptionFeatures : - Sensitive material MQ135 gas sensor is used in clean air l..
10pcs MQ-4 Methane Natural Gas Sensor Module Shield Liquefied Electronic Detector Module For Arduino
Product DescriptionSpecification: - The gas sensing material used in the MQ-4 gas sensor i..
10pcs MQ-9 Carbon Monoxide Flammable CO Gas Sensor Module Shield Liquefied Electronic Detector
Product DescriptionFeatures : - Sensitive material MQ-9 gas sensor is used to clean the ai..
10pcs Thermal Sensor Module Temperature Sensor Switch Module For Arduino Smart Car Accessories
Product DescriptionFeatures: 1. Onboard LM393 voltage comparator chip and temperature sens..
10pcs Vibration Sensor Switch Module Vibration Sensor Alarm Module For Arduino
Product DescriptionFeatures  1. Onboard LM393 voltage comparator chip and vibration s..
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